1. World At War

From the recording World at War

Production: Jimmy Goings
Lead Vocal: Jimmy Goings
Drums: Jimmy Sanchez
Bass: Tim Sheridan
Guitars: Barry Bryan
Synths: Parris Bertolucci
Big Choir: Kimberlye Gold, Gwyneth Forrester, Irene Baroni


Nobody really tried
They should have sacrificed,
Everything to keep it alive
You make little people fall
But if you’re a King,
Why should that bother you at all?
They’re dying
Fighting to save a world
Dying, crying, who’s trying/
To save a World at War

There must be another place
Some other star
Some other time or dimension of space
It’s here in your magazines
They show me the way
So why does it bother me to know
They’re dying,
Fighting to save a World at War
Crying, who’s trying ?
Save a World at War
Somebody Save Me
Do Do Do Da Do Do Do da
(repeat …)
Na No Na No Na NO NA NO !

They’re Dying, Crying
Fighting to save a World at War
They’re Fighting
To save a World at War
Who Will save our World
Save the World at War

Do Do Do Da Do do Do Da
Na na na na na na
Do Do Do Da Do Do do Da
NA No NA No Na No NO NO!